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To provide on call services to all users at a reasonable rate, involves an exceedingly flexible level of convenience. Therefore, as with any contract based business, all services other than support, are billed a minimum fee per call (referred to as a credit), each additional quarter hour is an additional credit (ex: 4 credits = up to four calls; up to 15 minutes each). Credits hold no monetary value whatsoever and are non-refundable, as your membership is actually a full service cloud based databank server, meaning you don’t pay for the installation, setup, configuration, maintenance, repairs or networking required to setup a traditional office, at the same time having access to professional level IT (an average rate $69k to $110k annually) to answer your questions. But if you want to think of it that way do the math figuring $249/mo for an ultimate membership so... An average plan would be $249/mo (basic db fee) = $170 for Up to 20 service calls, thats $8.50 per call and because of our advanced queries, we can help you accomplish a lot in a 15 minute call, compared to someone else’s “brothers cousins sister in law”. Some companies get stuck for an entire day on one task, it takes an average of 1 credit to load a file or pull a spreadsheet or report, the convenience is invaluable!!

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