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I cant login?!
How do I import or upload my files

Q: I cant login?!:

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✓ Check that your Caps Lock is not enabled on the keyboard, passwords ARE case sensitive

✓ Verify, with your admin, that your IP is allowed access Whats my IP

✓ If you still cant login, contact myEZCollect.com Support

Q: How do I import or upload my files, can i do it myself?:Back to topics...

Relax, importing/uploading is included and automatically handled for you as per your membership terms. So just drop your file and grab a coffee you'll be notified promptly when it's completed!

Q: What New Features Do we have?:

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Updates are being developed regularly to ensure myEZCollect.com memebers have the latest solutions for things like cross browser compatibility, securtity, and enhanced user interface features, although there are too many to list here, keep an eye on the notificatation bar at login for the latest update news!

Visit our FB page to tell us about features you'd like to see!

Q: Did you discover a bug?: Let us know

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