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The website, database, and logo are the copyright and Intellectual Property of MYEZCOLLECT.COM LLC NY , herein after referred to as “”. “Member”, “agency or agencies”, or “firm(s)” refer to Membership Accountholders, referred to hereafter as “members”, are provided access based upon the following terms and conditions within the limits of their plan. Payment and use of services establishes acceptance of this agreement and its terms. is a cloud based database system, providing specialized IT solutions, and is not involved or affiliated in any way with collection process. All members provide their own records. does not provide advice to members regarding business practices, and will not be held responsible for their actions, or provide legal consultation or advice to members. is not responsible for any type of loss or damage whatsoever; it is the sole responsibility of the member to maintain original copies of all data, and their own hardware. Members who use database, CRM, domain/hosting services or any other service, are responsible for the accuracy and legality of their own content, mailing lists, and knowledge of their local and national communication laws. Abuse of this policy will result in suspension of service. Data backups are created regularly at multiple points each day, however it is the sole obligation of the legal owner of the data to keep their own copy, and takes no responsibility for, and will not be obliged to provide copies of data that has been changed, added, or removed from our system. will not be held responsible for any financial damages, legal fees, data loss, or computer related costs incurred by the use of this service.

Members are required to verify proper operation and compatibility before purchase. An internet connection is required to access the database. All premium memberships and services are prepaid. All Services, aside from site access, require, and are to be billed against, prepaid credits, and are calculated at the time of purchase and when used. Prepaid credits can be added online any time prior to service requests; Each “credit” is valued as a maximum one quarter hour increment. “Qualified Queued Service Requests" (QQSR) refer to permissible use of prepaid credits. is specifically not, under any circumstance, responsible or liable for: 3rd party software or hardware repair, 3rd party client or vendor communications, 3rd party software, any document or website content, remote services, onsite or remote installation or training, or unscheduled emergency calls. File formatting for imports and custom formatted reports, requiring “Custom Backend Queries or Formula Development” referred to as “Custom Service Requests" (CSR), are limited exclusive services available only with the consent of, and may be determined ineligible by,, based on availability and feasibility. Billing, for all QQSR and accepted CSR, is done in minimum quarter hour credit units per request; and minimum 1 hour for any on-site service (where available); Service completion times may vary depending on the size of the file, number of records, amount of data, data integrity, workload when received, senders Internet bandwidth, or any other unforeseen circumstances. Free credits do not carryover on renewal and are valid towards QQSR ONLY; Any extended unbilled QQSR or CSR resulting from unforeseen circumstances will be invoiced as per plan rates, and due before current membership is extended. All billable time begins on job receipt. All work is handled in the order it is received; and according to membership status. All payments received will be applied to services and fees prior to any additional billable items or expenses (Understanding your bill). All prices and fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice; current pricing can be viewed online prior to use. Priority memberships are placed next in the service queue in the order they are received; Processing and billing time begin upon acceptance by (confirmation upon completion via email). Billing, for all additional non-qualifying services will be planned and scheduled on an individual, per job, acceptance agreement. Remote services are billed in minimum quarter hour units; additional time is billed in successive quarter hour increments, availability will vary, unplanned emergency requests will incur a "Priority Service" fee. "Priority Service" refers to "next in priority queue positioning" only and does not guarantee a front-of-line processing time outcome. All prices are subject to change without notice; All fees are non-refundable.

“Batch data” is any group of records contained in a unified and recognizable spreadsheet format. “Accounts”, “file(s)”, “portfolio(s)”,” client(s)”, “record(s)”, “batch(es)”, “Import(s), and “export(s)”, refer to any qualified batch data entered into the database. “Exports” are any qualified batch data requested to be removed or copied in spreadsheet format. QQSR, including pre-import spreadsheet formatting, data appends, and exports, are processed in the order they are received, priority according to members plan, Monday through Friday 9am til 5pm. Imports must be in a readable non-corrupted spreadsheet format, on one sheet, and each column must have a unified data format and must be uniform all the way down and match the appropriate heading row. Spreadsheets for import must contain the following minimum required columns: NAME, SSN, CODATE, LOAN OPENED DT, CREDITOR LOAN AMT, and CURRENT BALANCE.

All support calls, communications, and service requests, require account validation and must be validated with your listed contact via the info provided at signup. To prevent any conflict of interest maintains no position with any party and will not under any circumstances share proprietary information with anyone. maintains the right to continue business with any member, during and/or after, membership. will not take any position on a member's data contents. will never give out any of our member's information unless required by law. will exclusively reserve the right to terminate, or refuse any membership and affiliation without notice or explanation, especially if fraudulent activities are suspected. By using the website or any services you agree to these terms. These terms are subject to change without notice.