FREE & Premium Debt Collection Software Memberships - Instant Debt Collection Software Solution and Managed Service Options "NO games, just collect!!"

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS is designed to Simplify and Enhance your operations' daily Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) tasks.

There’s Nothing to install, No contracts - Simply CHOOSE YOUR PLAN, CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT, ADD YOUR USERS and PORTFOLIOS, and your entire team is ready to access the software network! It’s that easy! You’ll have real-time reports, instantly, as your collector’s work. Why wait Hours or Weeks to make progress, when you can have results in minutes! Managed portfolio Imports and Exports are perfect for any company "on the rise, to enterprise", the option to have our specialists solve the riddles for you, will save you all the time and aggravation of mapping and formats. Already have an IT department? No problem, choose a Premium Membership and manage everything yourself!

NO HASSLES, NO ERRORS, NO CONTRACT, NO EXCUSES is the reliable system and support that your office can depend on, no technical experience required. Wasted time means missed opportunities; Membership puts you in tune with Top Tier Support so you are available when opportunities knock! Only you know if you possess the skills to collect...we just make it easy!

Working with contingency clients? Brokers this is it!! Secure your accounts and expand your horizons. This is by far the easiest software to keep things legit with your clients. National Recognition by Brokers, Agencies and Employees. Multiple security features including IP lock option for peace of mind that your files won’t leave authorized locations.

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Without skip tools theres no chance. EZC has built in tools for startups to get moving. Need Premium?! We can get you hooked up with the big boy toys!


Proper portfolio organization is the only way to efficiently manage large amounts of data, will report all collector activity and help you decide what to keep & what to move, and help you to better track your return on investment.


Having headaches with your processor? Our members don’t have to deal with these issues. High risk processing is not a problem, 95% or more are accepted by our backup associate processing company!


It’s all about making contact with the debtor. However you want to batch them we have simple affordable and effective options to touch base with your accounts, with a professional look & feel. Our friends at T-Max are offering free trials right now. Get it Now!


Unlike other rinky-dink software’s, is a full featured CRM database tailored for the collections industry, we have room for everything you need, all you need to do is collect the money


You won’t ever need to hire a geek again, there is no setup or networking required, if you have internet, you're in business!


The database is managed 24 hours a day, with data backups done at multiple points each day.


Superior web-drafting and design service is available to present a reputable image for your agency. Get your pitch to potential buyers and start receiving payments online with ease


The system can protect you against fraudulent brokers and instantly match up accounts that you have already purchased, just another awesome feature available from